Simon DeBruin
Backed by 3 decades of industry experience, covering all aspects of the nuclear medicine business, makes me uniquely qualified to develop clinical software applications in medical imaging.

NM is worth computing for!
Nuclear Medicine is different from all other imaging modalities in radiology, by generating images that represent function rather than structure.
Functional imaging typically requires some form of image processing before these images can be interpreted. Computing is therefore an essential part of NM. Recent advances in programming techniques, such as machine learning, can be applied to extract ever more information from these fuzzy and colorful images.

My observation
It appears to me that the foundation of this unique modality is at serious risk. Many of its core applications, such as renal, thyroid, brain, and several others, have been stagnant for decades and do not get the proper attention they deserve to stay relevant. Yes, cardiac and oncology are the champions that carry the modality forward, but leaving many of the smaller applications behind. They do not get to benefit from the advances made in technology, especially in data processing.

My vision
In the early days of NM computing, most of the clinical application software developments was done on-site by hospital physicists, technologists, and/or clinicians. Those days are gone, but with that generation of experts heading for retirement, we are at great risk to permanently lose their unique insights and knowledge. Nowadays, developments are mainly driven by commercial opportunities; however, in my opinion, we also have a responsibility towards maintaining a strong core.

My background
Although a double EE by training, I have grown into a nuclear medicine professional at heart, with over 30 years of broad industry experience. I had the opportunity to work in many areas of the business; including: service, hard & software engineering, clinical applications, marketing, and sales support. Currently I am self-employed providing image processing services to several psychiatry groups.

My goals
I enjoy working on medical applications, especially those that are in need of some help. In the last few years, I have dedicated myself to preserve and update the functionality of the Picker software for brain SPECT imaging. Examples of that work can be found on this website.

The preferred way of getting in touch with me is through e-mail.